Del 6 al 11 de Agosto del presente a√Īo, se llevar√° a cabo la¬†Semana Nacional PyME 2012 y¬†A.N.I.A.M.E.A.D.¬†estar√° presente y¬†podr√°s platicar con varios empesarios de animaci√≥n, videojuegos, doblaje,¬†c√≥mic, cine, y muchos mas. Encuentranos en el¬†Pabell√≥n de Innovaci√≥n Tecnol√≥gica a partir de las 10:00 a.m., en el Centro Banamex de la Ciudad de M√©xico.

Habr√° conferencias por parte de los empresarios afiliados:

Jueves 9
17:30 a 18:30
Cualquiera puede crear un videojuego.
Gonzalo Phill S√°nchez
El taller explicará una forma práctica de procesos y métodos para la creación de videojuegos utilizando software libre ofreciendo así la oportunidad de iniciarse en un nuevo mercado.
Palacio de la Canal 6
Viernes 10
13:00 a 14:30
Impacto económico de la industria multimedia, vídeo juegos y animación.
Víctor Octavio Valdivia Moreno
Abrirá las puertas a nuevos productos, y mercados, así como nuevas formas de publicidad para sus productos teniendo un mayor impacto global.
Palacio de la Canal 6
Sabado 11
11:30 a 13:00
Desarrolllo de personajes y contenidos a través de la tecnología.
Oscar Gonzalez Loyo – Javier Rivero
La visión de nuevas oportunidades de negocio mediante el uso de nuevas tecnologías, para la creación de contenidos y personajes, así como su comercilización a través de diversas plataformas.
Palacio de la Canal 5



By Susy Romero.

27 years ago, Mexico went through one of the worst moments in its history: a 7.8 Richter degree earthquake that lasted two minutes. Huge buildings fell down due to nature’s inexorable strength. The city’s downtown was rampant chaos: fire, screams, high heels running away to escape from the falling stones, the dust and the smell of death…. but many couldn’t.
One of those buildings was Juarez Hospital, from which 17 newborn babies that were at their cribs and incubators were rescued. Specially, three of those babies (two girls and a boy) remained trapped for seven days after the earthquake with the cold temperature and under the stone slabs without eating nor drinking; trapped¬† inside the belly of metals and cement, but they achieved to survive.¬†Because of that miracle, those babies were known from then on as¬†”The Miracle Children/Babies” or “The Miracle of Juarez Hospital”. While rescuing the first girl, the machines and human movements stopped their duties only to hear the little one’s crying, and as it was heard by all people there, it gave a breath of hope and triggered strength to the rescuers, who were citizens and people from town without creed, racial or professional differences: in that moment, everyone was the same.

With this precedent, it can be understood why today, one of those children gives in return what life gave to him: love and hope towards others.
He started out his labor during his high-school days when he visited hospitals and old people’s homes to chat with the elders and the sick in order to make their stay at those cold places a little warmer.
Then, once, he was unable to attend his usual visits due to his exams period at school. Days later, he returned and found out that the elders were desolated and forgotten, so he suddenly realized: “If I don’t do this myself, no one else will do it”.
This is why this feeling of love towards people, which for others may seem like a burden or via crucis because of what it implies, for Andres Martinez, it’s part of himself, he’s got it tattooed on his being. Today, it manifests itself in an ambitious project,¬† which reveals a great dream in its magnitude. When it materializes in the future, it’ll become what he lived when he was rescued years ago: a miracle, not for him, but for the hundreds of children and youngsters that suffer degenerative or terminal illnesses.

We, as many of you know, follow a life philosophy in which individualism doesn’t exist. The common good and fighting for dreams is part of our nature. That’s why we joined¬† this noble project which is necessary for our planet. We hope many could join too, not only this movement, but others, for us to generate a true consciousness change that will enable us to evolve towards a new future.

We’ve developed all the concept images and universe in which some characters will live and will be materialized into reality inside a theme park that will accommodate (weekly and free of charge) complete families with children who suffer terminal stage illnesses, for them to live awesome experiences: Christmas days, birthdays, water pools, sport fields, film theaters…. moments that perhaps many of them won’t be able to experience in the future.¬†¬†The first of these places will be found at Arteaga, Coahuila, and there, people will be able to actually live in it. And, as a present from Nicodemo, the Wizard, they’ll be able to accomplish their most desired dream, just as some children and youngsters have today thanks to Andres Martinez and his Dr. Sonrisas team:


Thanks to this labor, it was proven that in some cases, the illness eased away, and from being a terminal disease, the patient became completely healthy.
As part of this consciousness labor, Dr. Sonrisas has produced a comic book under our publishing house’s stamp for general audiences; yesterday, it was finally printed and will be distributed for free at all Mexican public hospitals (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social-IMSS), at Farmacias del Ahorro, Viva Aerobus and Cinemex, with 30,000 prints and a monthly publication. Also, you’ll be able to watch advertisements at ESPN, FOX (all its channels), MVS – Radio Centro, and during this upcoming weekend, the Cinemex Race will be held in aid of Dr. Sonrisas.

Eloria, The Valley of the Dreams, will become a reality thanks to the dreams of all of those who wish to join the true change.

Editor-in-Chief: Oscar Gonz√°lez Loyo.
Script and Project Director, and lettering: Susy Romero.
Art Director: Oscar Gonz√°lez Guerrero.
Script:Rebeca Soriano.
Pencils:Mariana Moreno.
Inks:Alejandro Palomares.
Color:Tonatiuh Rocha.
Color assistance: Miguel Angel Osorio Martínez.