Joe is a Dutch Cocker Spaniel dog, he is a philosopher and is fond of reading comic books, watching Sci-Fi films, listening to The Beatles, Jazz and soundtracks. He is sarcastic and a nagger but does so with the purpose of being able to help his company to get over psychological traumas and for that he sets the vices in human conduct as examples to show his four-legged friends what they mustn’t do. According to him, he says he’s not a left-winger, nor right-winger, nor syncretic; his philosophy comes from each dimensional point of nature, therefore he gets pretty mixed up some of his company that don’t understand his opinions. He’s very noble and in spite of putting everyone else in conflict with his arguments, he tries to not have, as he calls it, “third world” brawls among his friends because he hates violence and conflict over inconsequential affairs.

According to “Joe’s World” characters’ appearances we’ll be adding their profiles.


He’s a Xoloitzcuintle pure breed Mexican dog, he’s extremely rational and tries, at all cost, to be like his master, a fan of the 1968 student movement, a Socialism scholar and fan of the left-winger Mexican political parties. Axayacatl likes to listen to Latin American trova and hates anything that sounds like capitalism and religion. He loves going to Coyoac√°n, a zone in Mexico City, to relate with dogs of the same ideology and to visit the Frida Kahlo’s Museum, something he has never achieved because he’s not allowed in. He’s noble but very irascible because he gets upset when sets up in a conversation with Joe and some of his companions, nevertheless he’s very good-hearted and is hopelessly in love with Pilly. Unfortunately she doesn’t notices him, but Axayacatl is not losing hope.


The only thing I have to say about Axayacatl’s fleas is that they’re a pest for the poor thing, since they’re an annoyance and frustrating burden. Because of the texture and warm temperature in the Xoloitzcuintle’s skin the darn fleas don’t even worry abut disturbing other Joe’s world characters, they have plenty of food, very warm too.


Is an extremely refined French Poodle dog with a pedigree; she uses it to rub it into each one of her acquaintances, they are only that for her: acquaintances. Her real friends live in Mexico City’s high profile neighborhoods like Tecamachalco, el Pedregal and Las Lomas. Pilly says that Joe and his pack don’t reach her social status, nevertheless, as it usually happens, she turns to the flat-broken when she has some need. In fact, she suffers of the same complexes as Axayacatl and wants to be like her owner who is an upper middle class person who wants to be part of the High Society at all cost. Pilly is Axayacatl’s impossible love. Obviously this snob dog hates the Xoloitzcuintle coming near her, most of all, she doesn’t want to get Axayacatl’s plebby fleas. Joe doesn’t please her at all, it infuriates her not to understand his reasonings.

Chis Chis

He’s a cat who dislikes to eat mice, but he’s really naughty because he likes to scare them just for fun. He’s a joker, sarcastic and plays jokes on everyone. Unlike Joe, his sarcasms are made to hassle others, above all he has Rutilio the mouse in check. Chis Chis has amnesia and can’t remember his past. It’s said that he was part of an spanish children pop group named Parch√≠s that was really famous in the 1980s but when split apart he got so depressed that that he left and due to an accident lost his memory, being adopted later, by Joe’s owners. Despite being a naggy, sarcastic and annoying, he’s good-hearted and helps Joe to make good among his friends and whoever needs it. In the final moment, he always stands up for Rutilio from the other cats.


He’s an adventurer mouse who was fond of breaking into the houses and stealing food. Initially, Joe scolded him over this, later becoming in the rodent’s protector, therefore, he’s one of Joe’s best friends and helps him good-doing among his community. Rutilio is very brave, agile, elusive and has always to be in the look out for other cat’s in the band because they want, without having a second thought, to eat him. Nevertheless, he is so skilled that he always manages to make the felines look bad; he has a gifted hearing against the Grupero music since he was born in a dancing hall in a northern Mexican town, but when he entered a house to rob food where other kind of music was listened, he discovered the sublime and mentions that he deluded himself believing that the “Chuntaro Groove” was all that existed. Through making friends with Joe, he has acquired an influence in his way to see life, a situation that has strengthened the brotherhood bonds between them.


She’s one of those Indigo-called dogs (as in the super-developed humans), she’s a Maltese breed dog. She’s extremely loving, playful and super-duper intelligent, consequently so capricious that has tamed his owners. Since she discovered that everyone could understand her she barks, barks, barks and a thousand times barks, making everyone’s ears, human and animal, to explode. She’s everyone else’s voice and she won’t¬† shut up when she’s still hungry¬† or wants someone to play with her, it could be said that she stands up for her rights. She’s crazy for lettuce, tomato and onion, as well as fruit, more than doggy treats, and has taught others to enjoy this delicious vegetables and fruits, as well as ask for food by tossing or scratching on the plates along with her voice and body language. Kayla was abandoned in an Estado de M√©xico high-school, and believed to be tormented since being a puppy. Her actual owners found her purple-dyed, in the verge of a pneumonia, left alone and to her own luck in the gardens of that school. But thanks to the extreme love from her owners, subdued by her barks, making everything she wants, Kayla has come through. Her only weak spot is that her hyperactivity, adventurousness and boldness fades out in the instant there’s a blackout. Something must have been done to her because she’s scared with clicks from appliances when there’s a power surge and the humming of bugs. She hasn’t overcome that, hence Joe and company try to help her to come along. Her pet name is “Kayly”, “Bitty Bitty”, “Itty-Bitty” (because of her size); “Plushy”; “Cloudy” (just when she’s been just bathed) along with Nena.

Keepo (Krypto)

He’s an American Pit Bull Terrier dog that in spite of his sturdy appearance is very noble and has a child-like spirit. Krypto’s previous owners wanted, for his strength and musculature, to train him for dog fighting, but thanks to his pacific spirit, he fought back and escaped. Apparently, they bullied him to make him fierce, you see, the unconsciousness in our planet is red-hot. Fortunately, this was never achieved and he came to the house where he lives now all by himself. He literally adopted the humans that are his owners. A particular feature from this friend is that he enjoys listening the Sci-Fi and comic book freak talk of his owners, the name Krypto comes from that. He’s so peaceful that he’s even scared of the cats and the small dogs, who disrespect him many times. Nonetheless, when his two and four-legged friends have problems, Krypto finds courage and doesn’t hesitate in helping them. As a comic strip actor, he uses the pseudonym of “Keepo”, due to copyright reasons, Shhhhhh!

Nena is a dachshund dog. Just like Pilly, Nena is very elegant and also has a pedigree, nevertheless being a conscious dog, she doesn’t like to gloat about it. Her first owners treated her like a queen, painted her fingernails and educated her in Spanish, loved her a lot but that suffocated her making her feel under pressure also because they wanted her to be a decorative pet which made her feel a bit unhappy. One morning, when accompanying her masters to the supermarket, they left her in the car and left the door open by mistake, this made Nena to jump off the car to -in her logic- look her owners up, but got lost, until she was found by her current owners who rescued her from the streets, adopted her and took the weight of being programed to be snob off her, becoming in a normal dog, happy to be with her new owners and with Joe’s group. Nena is very maternal, intelligent and is always putting her friends in place when they misbehave.


Truth is that… hmmm… we don’t know her breed of origin, nor her age, but it’s said that she’s the oldest of the company. She was found in the Toluca highway, near Mexico City, when she was about to be run over by a tractor-trailer. Her actual owners rescued her in the nick of time when traveling through that highway -that, by the way, is the world’s most expensive highway. The nerves! Ahem, ahem, sorry.- Her name is an appellative that comes from her scrubby hair that resembles a Zacate (an organic Brillo Pad), and the “K” comes from the name of the Company that her owners work in. Zakas, as she is pet named, is the smallest in size, she’s very sweet and loving, but when someone wants to take her food ration away… Watch out! She becomes a brute. She’s a maverick with anything related to her food, it’s believed that it’s because she had to defend her food as a savage being a country dog. Little by little this anxiety for having food all for herself has been vanishing, but also, there’s no doubt that she might recede. Leaving that out, she gets along with everyone, even with the cats that, being her so tiny, use her as her plush toy.


Keka is a Belgian Mallinois dog that was found in a little town in the state¬† of Hidalgo, M√©xico. She was a little puppy and was half-starved because she lived in the streets from birth, being mistreated by all the humans who lack love for the animals. One day, her actual owners were eating quesadillas (a traditional dish from Mexico) in the town’s market and saw her wondering, weak and hungry, being witnesses that a man from a butcher’s shop¬† gave her such a kick that the poor puppy flew into mid air. This infuriated his owners and they rescued her; buying meat from the same butcher that attacked her, to point out the cruel act to this fellow. Thus, they took her to the vet and cured her. They named her Keka because that’s one popular way to call the quesadillas in Mexico. Having had an unhappy infancy, Keka is a little shy, but with the love of his owners, Joe and his party she has overcome her emotional traumas, therefore she defends her friends from anyone who may want to harm them.

Yin Yang

He was a¬† skid row cat until he was adopted by his actual owners after a fight with other cats that tore one of his ears. He’s the neighborhood’s Don Juan of¬† cats; since the 1980s there wasn’t a single street or home cat that escaped him. It’s said that all the cats from the vicinity are his descendants. The stinker was such a ladies’ cat. Nevertheless, nowadays he spends time as the king of his home and loves to sleep, sleep and sleep, transforming his slick figure in the roly-poly he now is. From being fierce he turned into a peaceful cat, of course, after spending long hours with Joe talking about quantum philosophy, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. He hates veggie cat food and that Cuchita takes his favorite napping couch away.


Just like Yin Yang, she lived in the streets for a long time, but her actual owners fed her since she was a kitten. The curious fact is that being so motherly she helped, in turn, other street and pregnant¬† cats by sharing her food. She introduced herself little by little in the house where she actually lives and shares couches with Joe, Yin Yang and Rutilio. She’s very peaceful. Joe warned her and Yin Yang not to disturb Rutilio because he’s also a member of the family. Tough reluctantly, “Coochies,” her pet name, makes a big effort not to catch good old Rutilio, and in certain way she has been able to take out the crave of wanting to devour him. Coochita is now, in time’s due, a bit deaf which makes her friends play jokes on her and she doesn’t even realizes it. In spite of her feline instinct, she has become quite a stay-at-home.


Certain day, in the Culture & Arts Centre in Churubusco, Mexico City, a couple of crying children were looking, painfully, a home for their 5 kittens and met with the K! pet owners. They still had the original cat couple, but their parents didn’t want more pets at home. So they made the children to get rid of them. With tears in their eyes they came close and among their kittens was a Siamese. Their present owners softened and to help with the situation, adopted this kitty and named her, Nala.
She has been loved and cared so much that even the other pets who fraternize with her love her also for her sociable treat. She has make very good friend with all of Joe’s company and just like Nena has become a kind of counselor, specially among the cats from their neighborhood. One of her best friends is Zakatekas with whom she got together a lot since she came into her new home. Nala, in spite of being a female criticizes Polly’s snob attitudes, infuriating her, one could say that she’s just like Joe in the way of thinking, philosophically referring to.


She’s an amusing ferret who beats Kayla¬† in hiperactivity. She was find by neighborhood police men in the Lomas Verdes Super Avenue, in the Estado de M√©xico. It looks like she was bought in a pet store by persons who only wished to entertain their naughty children and she got away by not having the proper care.
The cops, knowing that the actual owners of Pancha are animal lovers, took her to be taken care of to them. At the beginning, they thought in looking another home for her, but became so fond of her that she stayed. She likes to be annoying all of Joe’s company and no one understands what she says in her slap happy way of talking. Only Joe, Nala and Bagueera interpret her communication attempts. She’s very smart, and even though she makes everyone’s hackles rise and is very playful, in case that her friends are in peril she’s transformed into a beast. Nobody touches her toys ‚ÄĒsorry!‚ÄĒ … nobody touches her friends. Her pet name is “Panchis”.