Oscar Gonz√°lez Loyo (the Author)

Early on, he started drawing thanks that his father, Oscas Gonz√°lez Guerrero, is a comic book artist since the 1950s. The professional activities of his father allow him to fraternize since childhood with great plastic and comic book artists of the time because they used to get together at his home. This heightened his interest in devoting to the comic book field and fed on this group of artists’ experience. At age 14 he begins his professional career drawing the back covers in Las Aventuras de Capulina and Las Aventuras de Cepill√≠n; it was in 1981 that he started to produce his first successful¬† weekly comic book, Las Aventuras de Parch√≠s, being for three years the artist.

When the title was cancelled, he realized that the publishing houses didn’t want to produce more family-oriented comics and they started, instead, to produce popular sex and vulgar comics. Ergo, Oscar backed off from the established publishing field and adventured in the road of making independent comics focused to children and families, because he’s completely convinced that if comics for children are no longer produced, in the future there will no longer be comic books nor any books readers, not even the internet. That’s how he published a comic book he created: Karmatr√≥n y los Transformables, which he weekly wrote and drew for six years. Choosing this road made him realize the vices and monopolies that exist in magazine distribution, that’s why he started a crusade, trying to seek for new alternatives and to point out the problems that one faces by publishing independent comic books in Mexico. This drew many enemies but many allies as well.

When Karmatr√≥n was blockaded by distribution, he tried to publish time and time again the title that had generated so many fans, but the situation for editing comics had changed and support from the past vanished, people that supported the project economically passed away and producing the comics¬† became harder each time, nevertheless, in the passing of this last 23 years and along with the members of ¬°Ka-Boom! made many projects for publishing houses, companies, advertising agencies, animations for Sesame Street Latin America for Televisa, and on the other hand, presented by master artist Sergio Aragon√©s, ‚ÄĒthat invited him to assist to the Comic-Con International in San Diego back in 1987‚ÄĒ he achieved working with publishing houses, comic book and video companies, (Right Stuf Inc., Now Comics and DC Comics, until arriving at Bongo Comics Group where he became part of the Simpsons Comics artists’ staff, and being able to win the Will Eisner Award for his work in Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror #5, as well as for the best humor magazine in 1999. Moreover, Oscar took to the Comic-Con, since 1989, several (in that time) of his artist friends who also found and excellent path as professionals in the USA.

Therefore, without realizing it, he started to form a creative team of writers, illustrators, designers and administrative manpower; the majority of which are fans and grew reading his work on Karmatr√≥n y los Transformables, and who joined in a natural way, sharing similar dreams to help the Mexican comic books. Others simply didn’t withstand the cope and went away. So, along with his wife Susy Romero¬† and his father Oscar Gonz√°lez Guerrero, officially and legally formed ¬°Ka-Boom! Estudio S.A. de C.V.

Nowadays, the members of ¬°Ka-Boom! Estudio, have become a true family and are in the works of several projects not only for comics, but for other mass media as well. On Oscar’s part, he’s preparing the launch of Saskunah the Mayan, Gnani’s Land, Planetoids & Asteroids pretty soon for printed comic books as well as webcomics, and many other projects where he’ll share credits with Susy Romero.

I’s always been his interest to teach youngsters the abilities from the past and to combine them with the new technologies, always trying to find a balance between the traditional and digital art.

Contact: oscargloyo@ka-boom.com.mx