Welcome to Mayi’s “behind the scenes” section.

All ideas start with a drawing, a note or a doodle on a napkin. You can never stop writing down some sparkle of inspiration when the opportunity presents itself. That’s why we always carry a notebook or sketchbook with us wherever we go, I mean, just to spare spiral-binding the napkins, heh heh XP

Here, I present to you some strips’ sketches, notes and previous ideas I use in order to work on Mayi. Some, actually, are doodles, rough sketches and brainstorms, but they’re all absolutely useful in order to achieve the final strip/character/gag. And, just between us, it’s both the most amusing and stressful part of the process because it’s a previous step before the approval or disapproval from Scripts & Contents Direction. But anyway, when the results are favorable, it’s very gratifying. Of course, the final approval will always belong to the audience.

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  1. Fidel Hernandez

    Me encanta el trabajo de esta mujer tan hermosa y creativa.

    Me gusta mucho ver el proceso que sigue un dibujo, desde su concepcion hasta el producto final.

    • Mariana Moreno

      Muchas gracias, así es, creo que a todos nos gusta ver el trazo original :p



  3. Sel

    : ) Hola,Bombi
    Ya lo he dicho antes, aqui estoy apoyandolos : )
    Me inspiran a dibujar…o mas bien,intentar hacerlo,hehehe.
    Cuidate y deseo lo mejor : D

    • Mariana Moreno

      Muchas gracias por el apoyo, Sel. ¬°Sigue adelante! :D

  4. Mokuu

    Amazing !

    • Mariana Moreno

      Mokuu!! You’re around here! I’m so glad! Thank you so very much! :D

  5. Dave Thorne

    Aloha Mariana,

    I love your strip. I wish you much success and joy with it and all your other projects. Have a great day.

    Dave Thorne
    Kailua, Hawaii

    • Mariana Moreno

      Dave! WoW! Thank you very much for reading our strips and for your good wishes. Hope you’re getting better! Hugs!



    • Mariana Moreno

      Ay, muchas gracias! :D :D


    I love your works Mariana
    you are the best

    with inspiration of Mayi, I strarted to draw my own comic

    wow, It feels great

    love you

    • Mariana Moreno

      Oh my!! Wow!! Thank you so very much! I’m so very happy to know this!! I really appreciate it and I’m so very happy for you!! :D Congrats and all the hugs! :D

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