She’s a sweet little nine-year-old girl with an out-of-the-standard imagination. Her personality overflows with tenderness and love, traits whose greatness can only be compared to her explosive and constantly changing temper. Due to her unusual personality, it’s been difficult to her to “fit in” society, so she’s become friends with creatures just equally unusual. Along with her strange partners, she’ll be able to live fantastic adventures, which all perfectly fit into her peculiar and imaginative point of view. Click here to read her first appearance!

Mister RaĂşl

He is the comic strip’s janitor. People have offered him to work in other places with extraordinary salaries, but he keeps living happily convinced with the work he does. Many have asked him the reason for such an apparently absurd decision. A question to which he always answers the same: “There are only two things in life one must do, work hard and service others”. Click here to read his first appearance!

Anthony Marshall

He’s a celebrity, a British actor whose name is highlighted at the most important films’ starring roles. Having played memorable roles in movies such as Agent 008, Galaxy Trek, Galaxy Wars, Mask of Coyote, The Eddy Ducho Story, Undying Melody, among many others, he has been rewarded with uncountable movie and TV prizes and awards. Now-a-days, Marshall enjoys his millions with a glamorous life, nevertheless, a terrible preoccupation exists in his life: Mayi. As any fan girl in love with her favorite artist, Mayi will always manage to harass the poor actor, whose most desired wish is to make his little fan leave him in peace forever! Click here to read his first appearance!


There has never existed a nobler soul than that of the Mosquito. Who ever said insects didn’t know how to love? After a terrible broke up with his mosquita girl friend, Mosquito was left traumatized due to the experience and promised himself never to love again…someone of his own species. By chance, Mosquito encountered Mayi, whose charming personality captivated him since the beginning, and he lost all reason by falling in love with her. Now his only desire is to kiss her, the problem is that every time he does, she gets stung and her reaction is never favorable, but alas! He shall never give up! Click here to read his first appearance!


This red stuffed dinosaur arrived to Mayi’s arms during Christmas after Santa visited her home. Soon he became her favorite toy, and when she played with him, she felt he was almost alive. Nevertheless, one day, Mayi’s mom felt her little girl was growing up and she almost gave Ramiro to charity, but Mayi came to his rescue. Both lived great and friendly moments, but in spite of this, Mayi still felt an emptiness that only a real friend could fill. That’s why Mayi asked a star for a wish… that’s why the star magically turned Ramiro into a real dinosaur… and that’s why Ramiro might pay with his soul for being beside our little and innocent Mayi… Click here to read his first appearance!

Winifred Cheshire

(Author’s note: Her surname refers to the mischievous and mysterious smile of Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland)

She’s Anthony Marshall’s personal assistant. They first met when they were children, for they lived in the same neighborhood in London and attended the same school. During that time, all kids made fun of the double entendre caused by her name’s initials: W.C. Their mockery was cruel and unscrupulous, nevertheless, there was one single boy who never mocked about her: Anthony. Since then, Winifred has lived secretly in love with him and has assisted him in whatever’s necessary, from coordinating his work agenda to cleaning his toothbrush. But there’s a problem: in spite of Winifred’s devotion, Tony lives absorbed by his world of celebrities and glamour, so he has never corresponded her sentimentally. The only moments in which Tony jumps into Winifred’s arms is when Mayi is nearby, so our blonde girl will manage in one way or another to make Mayi appear at the moments she’s needed the most. Click here to read her first appearance!


Due to his high intellectual capacities and bravery, this little gray fellow was chosen by the High Council of the Pleiades as scientific ambassador in Planet Earth. In order to go deeper into human emotion research and to save his own race, he was sent to live along with the most emotional creature on the planet: Mayi. What at first he thought would be an easy task, it turned into a totally new experience for him. In spite of his apparently bitter and non-emotional temper, he’ll find something else than an object to study in Mayi, and he’ll probably be influenced by her “adorable” personality. Click here to read his first appearance!


Mayi’s neighbor’s dog enjoys chasing flies and eating them. One day, he ate one as he simultaneously entered Fedmus’ Molecular Transmuter. Now the dog’s look has changed, as well as his habits: he enjoys eating sugar, climbing walls, flying and fleeing from spiders. Click here to read his first appearance!


She was a mysterious gift Mayi received from the Catemaco witch. Rosita is the cutest and most gorgeous flower. She’s capable of captivating any viewer. That’s why Mayi loves her so much and spoils her… but she also underestimates her. When Mayi is not around, Rosita turns into a terrible carnivorous plant with mortal pods whose sole purpose is to eat the Flydog. Click here to read her first appearance!