Martín Bueno Bustos was born in Mexico City on July 31st., 1974.
Since he was 15 years old, he learned to read and write with the help of his family due to his birth “handicap”, which kept him from having a regular scholar life, and studied elementary school for adults at age 17.

Since childhood, he was fond of everything comic book and cartoon related and at age 20 attended a screen-printing workshop, studied plastic arts and in ¬°Ka-Boom! Estudio at the same time. Among his dreams and ideals is being a comic book author.
As an extra comment from the Studio, we’d like to note that in spite of his “handicap”, Martin is a role model, because besides he’s a great person and has an incredible ability for the comic book art: He’s a real professional. We’re proud that he chose ¬°Ka-Boom! Estudio as the ship to set out together our adventure journey as far as our dreams wish to reach.