She was born on December 4th, 1987 at Mexico City, the day all flowers were born. She showed a particular interest on drawing since a very early age, she even created her own stories. The first of those was one named “Las Aventuras de Dogui y Gaty” (“The Doguie and Gaty Adventures”) which told the adventures of a dog and a cat who were friends and had their own gang composed by different animals. She grew up watching animated TV series and movies from Walt Disney, Don Bluth, among many others. Since then, she always knew that she’d become an artist when she’d come of age. Her mommy and daddy always supported her, and because of this, they subscribed her into drawing and painting lessons.  At age 13, a special interest for comic books was born in her, and at age 15, while looking for professional advice for a school project she was accomplishing, she arrived to the Metropolitan Book Fair 2003 at Mexico City World Trade Center, where she found Ka-Boom! Estudio, a creative group of comc book artists, with whom she’d spend the rest of her years.

Thanks to Oscar González Loyo, Susana Romero and the rest of the Ka-Boomers, Mariana has been able to grow up professionally in her career, participating on projects and companies such as Coqueta y Audaz, Bubble Gummers, SEDESOL, Coca-Cola, Nestlè, La Granja del Tío Pepe, among others and creating her own personal projects. This biography is a true story…except the part of the flowers, since this kind of plants don’t grow up during that time of the year