Since I was young I’ve always had a passion, something I can’t let go and that I’ve enjoyed all my life: drawing.

Even on my early years I knew that whatever I made for a living I had to draw, I didn’t had a clear vision on which career I should pick in order to accomplish this, my only concern was to watch cartoons and read comics and my constant thought would be —”wow! Is there a job for this?! I wanna do this!”—. So while I was growing I kept practicing, mostly in school and every now and then in private classes for short periods of time, so basically I practiced on a personal level.

It wasn’t until I found ¬°Ka-Boom! Estudio during 1994 that I was amazed by their career, quality and knowledge of the field, so I started to develop artistically, this was a crucial point for me evolve as an artist, I came to notice that my dream was not an easy task, for not only was important to prove to my parents and teachers my skills, I also needed to prove it to myself.

This effort has paid it’s rewards and satisfactions, such as having the pleasure to have worked on the “Woody Woodpecker” comic or redesigning the characters Amy, Tim and Cat for the Bubblegummers shoe brand, specially since as a child I wouldn’t miss Woody’s toons with the intro and animation tips by Walter Lanz; or the great thrill I fill every time I see my designs on any Bubblegummers shoe store, the same brand I used to wear as a child.

Now, every time I give a step forward in this huge world of art I come to realize that it has no limits and that becoming a pro is only but the first step, there are many challenges yet to overcome, projects, both personal and in group, that have been evolving through all this time and “Square Chronikles” is one of them.