During the creation of any project, from its planning, its accomplishment and its materialization, many different situations happen‚Ķsome emotive, other funny and fun, sad in some occasions, disappointing, many painful, but moments of enjoyment and satisfaction predominate.¬† In the case of our creative group, the dream has always been the creation of a publishing house where we, as comic book and animation authors and artists may develop our personal projects without limitations from other people from outside, of course, always letting us be guided by our personal experience fed by many working years, where the boundaries are set by us according to our own convictions and beliefs, in which the author won’t be exploited, his rights are respected and family products may be created with all kinds of themes and styles with the required quality to be able to compete internationally. This was the reason why we separated ourselves from the Mexican comic book industry, becoming Independent since 1991 In order to seek for Argonauts that would fight for the same cause.

Our extinct publishing comic books media is quite polluted and has fell into mediocrity. During the independency and integrity process of our studio, we’ve had to overcome many problems from family, society work and the media in general. This has left us with many friends, but also the antipathy of many people, some because of envy for our achievements, others because even without knowing us personally, let themselves be misinformed by the envious ones, and others are affected directly by our actions that no matter how noble these may be, they somehow cause malaise on them since they don’t believe on K!’s projects or fall into despair when they see that the materialization of our goal suffers delays, creating distrust and implacable¬† criticism.¬† It’s well known that every action produces happiness for some and pain for others, in all revolutions, when rebels win and impose, they end up becoming the new tyrants. Unfortunately it’s a human being’s stigma “not to be a money mint, so one could help everyone!”

What gives us courage for this adventure is the fact of knowing that many successful people in different artistic disciplines, before they achieved success, they suffered many downfalls too, and they had to do a great effort to achieve their dream. In our case we were born in our beloved Mexico, a fact that is important for the impediments due to our country’s economic situation as a third-world nation. Along with this comes the lack of consciousness of the editors from the comic book industry, among many other factors. Now, as storytellers who combine text and drawings, we try to have fun with our job and at the same time entertain our fellow friends who read us in order to produce a very subtle cultural phenomenon, which many people don’t understand and underestimate: the fantastic communication, sincere, emotional and mystical that happens between the producer and the receiver, more if we’re talking about such a segregated media as ours. Perhaps this is due to the misinformation many people suffer about this noble profession, which in spite of having had good and bad moments, as in any other media, we wouldn’t change it for anything else, and because of this same reason we fight in order to keep it alive against winds and storms.

Square Kronikles will be a series of books that we’ll publish in the future in a printed format, but will test first the Internet media in a web-comic format. The themes will certainly be irreverent and cynical at some moments. This concept was conceived by all members of our Studio as an experiment to freely express our feelings about the situations which according to us, damage, help or pass undetected in our country’s comic book media. These we represent them in “little squares” to be tuned up: if we’re comic book artists, lets tell things as comic book artists, telling our experiences through the “Square Kronikles”. Some stories are very local inside ¬°Ka-Boom! Estudio and inside our media, nevertheless, we try to adapt them for them to be understood by the people who are unfamiliar to the events that happen in the life of a comic book artist. On the other hand, the Kronikles’s universe has expanded towards other titles that’s we’ve been keeping since a long time ago.

As many of you know, the veteran and novel professionals have lived from doing comics for many years; during the nineties we felt a silent devastation produced by different circumstances which will be precisely explained at Square Kronikles, since then our battle began to reactivate our industry and create job sources. We’ve tried, but as independents, it’s been really difficult even to try. Even now while publishing our comic book Karmatron y Los Transformables, we won’t be able to achieve much until we’ll be able to have the needed periodicity and to be able to edit two or three titles at least, to start to really go up as a publishing house. So, what are we left to do as this sequential art’s artists? How will we solve to maintain ourselves even just to get food? I’m saying this because we’re an endangered species, and although the comic book is raw matter for other media like movies, TV, videogames, etc, everything stays at the ink jar. The good stuff happens only where the industry exists, not in Mexico.

The ones who know us, know about our dream and that what we do we don’t do it due to ridicule nationalism. By experience, we know that our country is a great talent and stories producer. It counts with potential readers. With these ingredients our industry can reborn, the problem is to get fuel to engage, and either there isn’t any or the ones who have it don’t want to share it. I’d like to express that in spite of the circumstances, at least from our part, we won’t give up and we’ll keep on trying once and again to give out products specially for the Mexican people and also, why not? So our stories may be known at other parts of the world with our culture and idiosyncrasy.

In order to do our job, a great effort and a long process is needed, which absorbs us most of the time. Sometimes 48-houred days or more are needed. The problem is that either we work on external projects to gain some money, which sets our personal projects in standby for a long time, or we produce our personal projects in order to upload them to the internet for free and literally we wouldn’t have any income to fulfill our basic needs. Any media, being this printed or online, takes the same process, it must have a periodicity and must be done with professionalism, dedication and quality so that it can really produce a reaction, since as professionals, we can’t loose our time by playing to be editors or make online experiments, since to dedicate a 100% of our lives to upload something without any retribution won’t help much to our media.

About the web comics, at least in our country, one can’t really make a living out of them, and unfortunately, it’s the only option. Although there have been attempts and they do generate a little money for their creators, it’s not the ideal thing, but I repeat, it’s the path to follow according to circumstances.
The Ka-Boomers! have several projects created to be printed on paper, but as things are going right now, we believe we can upload them to the Internet to promote the titles and in the future, publish them printed for the audience who like comic books in this format or for the people who don’t like internet or don’t have it. In this way we’ll cover both worlds. In Internet, the game’s rules change even in order to publish a web comic. It has its special traits, it possesses its advantages and disadvantages, as in everything else, but we think it’s a way to maintain the fantasy and illusion flame alive, and with which we’ll break boundaries, so later we’ll impact traditional media.

Besides the comic strips we’re presenting to you, we’ll soon upload to our site the first comic books with 30 to 32 pages, which you’ll be able to read one page a per day, and if you wish to read it completely, you may wait till the end of the month. In this way, readers may choose whether to read a daily page or wait till the end of the month so that the story is complete and will continue the next months in Spanish and English. These you’ll be able to see the, for free, so we’d like to ask the readers of our creative group and the ones who may sympathize with our cause to support us monthly with donations, from $2 USD or whatever that you may consider that our work is worth (this, of course, is voluntarily), appealing to the consciousness and valorization for our work and as a support to keep producing our virtual comic books to have fun while pursuing to reunite founds to publish our paper publications.

If the members of our studio see that we can’t receive any income during a certain period of time, we’ll stop uploading material and we’ll close the site to definitely continue our fight to print our own titles. We’ve reached the end of the path where we’ll have to define, according to the circumstances, if we either keep working for other companies and publicity agencies and give the final blow to Karmatron and all the universes created by us leaving them only as an illusion, or‚Ķif everything goes ok, reach our goals to produce material to entertain our new and veteran fans.

Contact: estudio@ka-boom.com.mx