Hoachinton D.C., Disaster Complete

Tender, black, shorty and big-nosed, Hoachinton is a hard core dreamer. He spends his time daydreaming about what he’s not capable of being. This fascination for rambling and fantasizing gets him into a thousand crazy adventures and mischief. He hates when his aunt Guille yells at him Pinolillo!, and when people write his name wrongly: “Washington D.C.”.


She’s a tender, mischievous and curious by nature ferret. Hoachinton found her abandoned and hungry at the Street, situation he couldn’t stand, so he adopted the little ferret. For the same reason, Panchita lives thanking the dang big-nose shorty, whom she takes care of closely. Unfortunately, Panchita passed away due to natural causes, which caused Hoachinton a great pain, but thanks to fantasy’s power, Panchita came back from the afterlife as an angel… more than an angel, actually, he has become the consciousness of the swarthy hunk.

Alicia de La Fuente  ( ALI )

Tender, dreamer, Geminis, she fights constantly with her sign’s duality. Ali’s actual name is Alicia. Curiously, she doesn’t like her name because she finds it cold, so, for the same reason, she asks her friends to call her Ali, and careful the brave one who dares to call her by her name. She’s a sportswoman by nature, she spends her time doing exercise to stay in good shape, since her greatest dream is to be a triathlon champion. Ali is so much fun, she doesn’t like long faces nor the bad-tempered people. She’s a good observer and pays attention to the slightest details of the people that surround her. For this reason, Hoachinton didn’t pass unnoticed before her eyes, since with the swarthy hunk’s nonsense and craziness, she’s been charmed. This situation has caused a little “enmity” with the Blonde, since she knows perfectly that Hoachinton drools for the latter, who takes advantage of the poor shorty making him witness his luck. For obvious reasons, Ali can’t stand her, of course, Hoachinton hasn’t even noticed!

Raquel Santiesteban (The Blonde)

She’s a Scorpio, evil, ingrate, selfish, immature and unconscious. The Blonde makes impossible every man’s life that crosses her way. Her real name is Raquel, nevertheless, he nickname of “The Blonde” was given to her by every man that has fallen into her claws, y’know: “Don’t mess up with the Blonde! The Blonde left me penniless! I love the Blonde and she doesn’t love me in return!, etc. Raquel isn’t interested at the minimum on feelings. For her, people’s value can only be measured by how thick their wallet is, and even more her suitors. Nevertheless, she has fallen for a good gent named Alfonso, to whom people obviously call Poncho, but he always ignores her, since she’s not his kind of girl. As she feels rejected and spiteful, the Blonde gets revenge with the first naive boy that crosses her path. Unfortunately, Hoachinton errs of this, hahahaha.

Alfonso Gómez  (Poncho)

Being an Aries, he always cares for everyone else. He’s a born leader, has peripheral sight and a big bear heart. Poncho is a fan of discipline and sport. He’s tidy in regards to his stuff and personal life. If he sees a sloping frame, he immediately arranges it. He’s a hard core sportsman and practices physical culture. His ideals are to help anyone who needs aid, and he did so when the big-nose shorty attended the gym to get started on the difficult discipline he practices. Since a few months ago, Poncho is his professional instructor at the gym; he lives in a great conflict because he’s in love with Ali without her loving him in return, since she’s in love with Hoachinton. This causes Poncho to ignore his follower, the Blonde, generating a love triangle, or should I say a love square?


Hoach Power

As everybody knows, thousands of Chuck Norris jokes appear at the Inetrnet, which I’m a huge fan of, so I came up with something: if the US has a Chuck Norris, why wouldn’t Mexico have its own police defender too? So, after looking after several police “porks”, I found Hoach Power: Start trembling, villains! These strips are a homage to Chuck Norris.